Reagen’s style of comedy can be described in three words: Intelligent, Witty and Hilarious! He doesn’t give a f – literally. And with a mixture of one-liners, puns and story-telling, he is able to share his experiences and observations in an extremely funny way.

According to him, he was voted as the second funniest person; in his house. However, he was crowned at the winner of the 2018 Cape Town Comedy Club Savanna #YourFunnyCider Competition, and performed for three weeks at the 2018 Jive Cape Town Funny Festival. Prior to this, he won the 2017 Armchair Theatre Ketchup competition, in Cape Town.

“His performance is a highlight and worth the show ticket alone” Jive Funny Festival

“Reagen’s perspective of the world is so authentic, its disarming, which makes for the best kind of humour” Rapelang Rabana WEF Young Global Leader

“Reagen teases your mind with his thought-provoking puns and jokes, which will make you laugh in bed as you struggle to fall asleep” Mishqah Gouws

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