Stand-up Comedy Open Mic Nights

We all have to start somewhere. 

Stand-up comedy open mic night is where it begins for comedians. Nothing is as exciting as developing those first 5 min of material. Nothing compares to the feeling of creating a joke and testing it out to a live audience only to be welcomed with the rush of laughter. 


We feel that open mic nights are an important part of the stand-up comedy industry and for any aspiring comedian it is a great way to meet other comedians who can help them on their comedy journey.

This is why we are teaming up with Nieghbourhood Cafe in Panorama to start a Stand-up comedy open mic night. Giving aspiring comedians a stage to perform on and develop their comedic skills and material. 


Enter through the entry form below and we will be in touch with you soon to tell you more about our open mic nights and all the need-to-know. 


There are some ground rules so be sure you read this before completing the form. 


Stand-up comedy is a form of art and we do not censor the comedians on stage, however, there is no such thing as “Tribute” performances. 

In other words: 


  • Do not Steal material from: Other comedians (Local or international)

  • Do not steal jokes from Facebook or any online platform

  • Do not steal robot jokes 

  • Just do not steal jokes at all 


We encourage aspiring comedians to be original. Trust us, if you do try to steal material and pass it as your own, this industry will cast you aside. 


Be warned: we have a 3 strike rule


There is a lot more to stand-up comedy than just performing at an open mic night. There is a ton to learn and develop, from material to stage presence. 


Here at Comedy Cartel we really believe in supporting the local industry and giving opportunities as much as possible. 


For this reason we are very excited to announce our Stand-up Comedy Coaching & Workshops. 


In these short sessions we will teach you everything you need to know to get your comedy career started. Think of it as a Stand-up comedy kick-starter course.


Should you wish to know more about the workshop, please click on the following:  

Sign up!

Should you wish to be on the line-up please sign up to our open mic nights and we will contact you shortly with details. 

Our next open mic night is on the TBA 

N.B.: You will be required to bring at least 2 people with you to the show.


Go to the form here: 


For the support, cheerleaders or entourage please be sure to book your seats to the show. 

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