Melt Sieberhagen is an actor, writer, director and voice artist that’s been working in the South African entertainment business since 2001. He has appeared in a number of dramas, comedies, soaps and feature films, but then he hit the local stand-up comedy scene in 2006...

Since then, it has been his main focus, but there's always time for something creative.

With a uniquely South African point of view and an inherent inability to sidestep touchy topics and holy cows. Having been described as anything from “a slightly angry teddy” to “a really funny Dutchman”, he’s just a normal bloke looking at the funny side of living in a very interesting and/or dysfunctional society.

From dusty rock festivals to corporate boardrooms, he has the ability to read a crowd and deliver comedy that is honest, satirical, poignant, but most of all – incredibly funny. He's been part of the Heavyweight Comedy Jam and Kings And Queens of Comedy line-ups, as well as Afrikaans comedy spectaculars like Verskrikkelik Snaaks, Lekker Lag (Cape Town Comedy Club) and Magtag! (Whacked).

As improviser he’s been working with various collective’s such as Joe Parker’s Improv Express, Starship Improvise and LiveWire Improv.

He’s also one of the stars of kykNet’s very successful improv show Proesstraat (based on the German hit show Shillerstrasse), recording more than 100 episodes during the past four years.

Fluent in English, Afrikaans and funny in any other language, you’re sure to have seen him somewhere before. And if you haven’t, it’s about time.

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