He skids and bounces across the stage, strung up and tugged around by unknown forces, firing off a relentless rapid-fire assault that hits every corner of the room. With his attention flipping from table to table, he kills 100% of hecklers stone dead.

Going where mere joke-tellers fear to tread with his characteristic kamikaze bravado (“go on, heckle me”) he walks the razor edge of audience participation, daring them to pick him off it.

His name is Martin Davis, and his brilliance lies in whisking all these in-consequential exchanges into an electrified atmosphere, charged with laughter. An original import all the way from the UK, Martin is an acclaimed comedian and has a strong and dedicated following all over Britain, and now in South Africa too.

You will often find him in top comedy venues, one being popular “Parker’s comedy & Jive” based in Monte Casino.

However Martin’s talents don’t stop on stage. With several years of acting experience behind him, he has appeared in BBC television productions and a variety of foreign adverts and has numerous private and corporate clients throughout the world.

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