Here at Comedy Cartel we want to give as much opportunity as possible. Especially to anyone who wants to try stand-up comedy. 

It is not an easy journey. There is more to it than just standing on stage and telling some jokes. 

A lot happens behind the scenes and this is where comedy coaching and workshops comes in. We can assist you by sharing valuable information that will guide you to becoming a well rounded comedian. 

These sessions are not some easy way to fame. There is still hard work to be done if you want to become a successful comedian. 


In each session we will talk about topics that will help you build on your material, build confidence and prepare you for the local stand-up comedy industry. Ending with an Open Mic Night which will be your graduation evening. 


Session 1: Before you step on stage (Introductory Session- R50)
Session 2:
Pen to paper

Session 3: We have to start somewhere
Session 4: Building the material
Session 5: Building the confidence
Session 6:  Building your brand
Session 7: The stage is yours
Session 8: Graduation Day (Open mic)

Each session builds on the other, which is why you cannot choose 1 and not join others. We start at the basics and with each session build on that foundation. Each session gives you valuable information about theatre, the industry and performance.

Including practical exercises and workshoping to assist with your material and performance development.  

We encourage you to make sure you are available for all sessions. 

Dates below. 


The Comedy Coaching & Workshops will be 8 weeks.

1 session per week. 

2020 Sessions

Session 1: March 2

Session 2: March 9

Session 3- 8 have been POSTPONED


Should you wish to join once we commence again please sign up. We will make contact with you. 

The Venue:

Neighbourhood Café at Ramasibi

Address: 83 Uys Krige Dr, Panorama, Cape Town

Sign up below


Should you wish to attend please sign up and further details will be sent to you. 


Cost per session: R250 per person

Upfront payment: R1,500

(6 Sessions- Introductory session is R50 and Session 8 is graduation/ Live performance)

Payment plan also available upon request. Ts & Cs apply.

We do not allow per session payment. As we require full commitment from you.  Each Session builds on the other. 

To secure you spot in our Comedy Coaching Sessions, payment is required 

Once you sign up we will email you further details.

To purchase a ticket to the introductory session please see below.


"'Do what you fear.' That is what Joe Emilio has taught me. Big on insight, bigger on compassion, working with Joe has been invaluable and I respect him enormously. I am deeply grateful for the jump-start this great comedian has given me. I treasure the learnings, but not as much as I treasure Joe. He is a rare and wonderful human." - Charles Mathews, Author, ChangeMaker & Aspirant Comic

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